05: Using SMART Systems To Grow Your Business

Evielyn lays out how to create SMART systems so you can scale your business in this episode. She says that bad systems and habits are only amplified by technology. That’s why technology is not necessarily the answer to ‘getting more organised’ or ‘growing your business’ or ‘getting things right.’ Instead you should start with the system and once you have the system right, then you can find technology and automation to fit into the system.

  Essential Learning Points From This Episode

Start to build SMART systems in your business:
– S calable. Your systems must be able to scale as you grow.
– M easurable. You should be able to measure and analyse your systems so you can continue to improve on them.
– A utomatable. Once you have built good systems you can easily see areas that you can automate
– R epeatable. Systems that can be repeated over and over again.
– T rainable. Easy to train tasks that you can pass off to others quickly & easily.


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  • http://Martin.Lindeskog.name Martin Lindeskog

    I found your post via BizSugar. Have you studied the works by the pioneer of goal setting area, Edwin A. Locke?

  • Evielyn Chapman

    Hi @martinlindeskog:disqus. Thanks for listening in. I haven’t read anything from Edwin A. Locke. Can you recommend something, I’d love to check it out.