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Imagine Never Having To Re-Invent The Wheel Again

Imagine if you didn’t have to re-invent the wheel, but instead could swipe checklists, business processes, automations & marketing material from someone else and drop them into your own business. That would be cool right? Imageine A community of people who are just as passionate as you about using smart tools, systems, and automation to scale and grow their business.
After working with hundreds of businesses we're taking everything that we've learnt - all the processes, systems, tools & automations and making them available in one place - The Activateur Community. 

Marketing Automations

Pre-Built Marketing Automations that you can import into ActiveCampaign and get started with in an instant.

Email Templates

Pre-Built Email Marketing Templates to use when you send your next email campaign.

Landing Pages

Landing Page Templates that are proven to work to get you the maximum conversions

Podio Apps

Podio Apps to help you organise and structure your work.

Process Checklists

Pre-Built Checklists that you can implement into your business. All the checklists you could ever wish for!

Zapier Recipes

Get access to some of our favourite Zapier Recipes for making automation magic happen!

QuickStart Guides

Get up and running quickly with these step-by-step tutorial and quick-reference guides.

Video Tutorials

Get access to our private library of video tutorials for ActiveCampaign, Podio and more!

Member Forum

Join other business owners who are implementing automation and systems, learn from them and ask questions.

What's An Activateur Anyway?

To activate something is to start it off, trigger it, or set it in motion. When a coach activates a player on a sports team, the player enters the game. If the pancakes you’re cooking burst into flames, you’ll probably activate the smoke alarm. And you should run. 


Activateurs is a community for people who make things happen and set things into motion - the do-ers of the world. We're building a community where you can get tips on how to use Active Campaign & other software to accelerate your growth & scale your business. Download plug&play automations and templates that save you time & interact with other Activateurs in our community.

The Tools Of Our Trade


Active Campaign

We use Active Campaign to help businesses automate their sales & marketing activities. Active Campaign is your one stop shop when it comes to email marketing, CRM, and managing your sales team.  For more information and to sign up check out Mavn Mail.


Process Street

Process Street is a simple, free and powerful way to manage your team's recurring checklists and procedures. Create procedure documents, then run processes based on those procedures. It's available anywhere, anytime and keeps everyone on the same page.



Podio is our 'go to' tool for managing work within your organisation. An all in one solution for team collaboration, document storage and managing projects - it allows you to keep your work structured and organised, as well as having the ability to create systems, workflows & automate your work.


Google Apps

Google Apps makes it easy to implement enterprise level email & business management apps into your organisation at a small business price. Manage your emails, contacts, calendar & documents from anywhere in the world, on any device.

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